Our Process

Sisal Fields

Sprouting from the sisal plant fields, the journey of sisal fiber begins, nurtured by nature’s elements before being carefully extracted and transformed into a versatile and enduring material.

Extracted Sisal Fibers

Once grown and cultivated in the vibrant sisal plant fields, the resilient fibers are skillfully extracted, carefully separated from the plant’s sturdy leaves.

Extracted Dry Fibers

Following the extraction, the sisal fibers undergo a thorough drying process. This crucial step prepares them for further processing and utilization in various industries, where their strength and versatility shine

Spinnable Sisal Fibers

After being carefully dried, the sisal fibers enter the stage of transformation, where their spinnable qualities come to life. With expert hands at work, these fibers are meticulously aligned, cleaned, and prepared, ready to be spun into fine threads of remarkable strength.

Sisal/Cotton Blended Yarn

In a harmonious fusion of natural fibers, sisal and cotton intertwine to create a remarkable blended yarn. Through a meticulous blending process, the inherent strength of sisal fibers combines with the softness and versatility of cotton, resulting in a yarn that embodies the best of both worlds.

Greige Fabric

The spinnable fibers are carefully woven together, forming a sturdy and versatile fabric that serves as a blank canvas for further enhancements. Greige fabric holds tremendous potential, ready to be transformed into a wide range of products that celebrate the rustic charm and resilience of sisal.


Denim Fabric

Through expert craftsmanship and innovative techniques, the greige fabric is skillfully transformed into the extraordinary and distinctive denim fabric.

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