Our Process

Extracted Jute Fibers

The first step in the jute fiber production process involves extracting the fibers from the jute plant. Skilled hands carefully separate the valuable jute fibers from the plant, setting the foundation for the creation of versatile and sustainable jute products.

Spinnable Jute Fibers

After extracting jute fibers from the plants, the next crucial step is to transform them into spinnable strands. Through a meticulous process, the extracted fibers undergo various treatments to enhance their flexibility, strength, and uniformity. These preparations lay the groundwork for the production of fine, versatile, and spinnable jute fibers, ready to be transformed into a myriad of jute-based products.

Jute/Cotton Blended Yarn

The next step involves the creation of Jute/Cotton blended yarn. Expert artisans skillfully combine the jute fibers with soft, breathable cotton fibers, creating a harmonious blend of natural materials. This fusion results in a durable, versatile yarn that exhibits the best qualities of both jute and cotton, setting the stage for the production of exquisite textiles and products with a unique blend of strength, texture, and comfort.

Greige Fabric

In the journey of jute fiber processing, the next step is the creation of greige fabric. At this stage, the jute/cotton blended yarn is carefully woven together on traditional looms, forming a raw, unbleached fabric known as greige fabric. This fabric showcases the natural characteristics of jute and cotton, with its distinct texture and earthy appeal.


Denim Fabric

Building upon the greige fabric, the next step in the jute fiber journey involves the transformation into denim fabric. Expert craftsmen employ specialized techniques to dye and finish the greige fabric, giving rise to the iconic and timeless denim material. The result is a sturdy, versatile fabric that captures the essence of rugged durability and fashion-forward style. The journey from jute fibers to denim fabric exemplifies the seamless fusion of natural fibers and textile craftsmanship, offering a sustainable and fashionable choice for a wide range of denim enthusiasts.


Continuing the journey from greige fabric, skilled artisans adeptly transform the versatile material into stylish jute gloves. Through precise cutting, stitching, and shaping techniques, the greige fabric is meticulously crafted into protective and elegant gloves. The inherent strength and durability of jute fibers make these gloves ideal for various tasks while adding a touch of natural sophistication to the wearer’s ensemble.

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