Banana Fiber

Our Process

Banana Fields

The process begins in the banana fields, where we transform banana fibers into a valuable resource.

Banana Stem

From the banana fields, we extract the sturdy and versatile banana stem, ready to be utilized in various applications

Extracted Banana Fibers

Once the banana stems are harvested, we meticulously extract the resilient banana fibers, unlocking their immense potential for innovative uses.

Spinnable Banana Fibers

After meticulous extraction, we refine the banana fibers into spinnable strands, ready to be transformed into durable and eco-friendly textiles.

Banana/Cotton Blended Yarn

By blending the spinnable banana fibers with cotton, we create a unique yarn that combines the strength and natural properties of both materials, offering a sustainable and versatile textile solution

Greige Fabric

Using the banana/cotton blended yarn, we weave greige fabric, a raw and unprocessed textile that serves as a foundation for further refinement and customization in the manufacturing process.

Finished Products

Denim Fabric

Through expert craftsmanship and innovative techniques, the greige fabric is skillfully transformed into the extraordinary and distinctive banana denim, a stylish and sustainable textile that showcases the remarkable fusion of banana fibers and cotton in the world of fashion.


Our second product is a pair of remarkable socks, skillfully crafted from the finest materials, offering a blend of style, comfort, and eco-friendliness that sets them apart as a truly exceptional choice for footwear.


Our next finished product is a pair of exceptional gloves, meticulously crafted from premium materials, providing a perfect balance of style, comfort, and sustainability. These gloves exemplify our commitment to delivering superior quality and eco-consciousness, making them a remarkable choice for those seeking both fashion and functionality.

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